They came to Voyage Privé for a job. They didn’t think they would move up the ladder so quickly!

Internal mobility is a subject close to our hearts! Whatever the type of mobility, we care about finding the best job for every employee, regardless of how long they’ve been in the company! For example, it takes on average, less than three years to progress within our company. Above all, we favour the rapid progression of each person’s skills, to allow our employees to learn something new every day, to take up new challenges and set new goals, in order to advance their professional career. 

In 2017, 29 employees benefited from internal mobility with us in Aix-en-Provence. But anyone can also choose to work in one of our three offices in Barcelona, Milan or London!

Meet Dioné, Online Reputation Manager

When did you join us and for which job?

I joined in January 2017 as Head of Social Media, after I applied on spec.

I was a consultant for 3 years in e-reputation strategy at an agency in Mulhouse. My company was not doing very well financially, so I had to come up with a new plan, even though I loved my job. So, it was pure chance that I found myself at Voyage Privé.

At the time, there were not really any jobs that matched my profile, but I decided to join the company with the aim of progressing afterwards. To be honest, I didn’t really know a lot about the business, but Voyage Privé trusted me because my profile interested them.

Which jobs have you had with us?

So, I started out as head of Social Media in the German market. I dealt with international issues and acquisition marketing, which is rather nice.

In this type of job, you work quite a bit on performance indicators such as ROI and TTV. You are at the heart of the machine, the epicentre of Voyage Privé product knowledge. It was very important for me to start with this position in order to fully understand how the company works.

If I had to describe a typical day, it would involve selecting new travel products every morning, depending on our markets and what appeals to our customers. We then decide on targeting, who do we wish to show the advertising to, then we choose the images and the wording. Next, we analyse the publications we’ve done in order to draw conclusions and improve our strategy. This is a very important and very interesting part of the job!

After one and a half years in this job, I became Online Reputation Manager for the whole of the Voyage Privé Group.

What is your job today?

I look after the company’s image on the web. The job was newly created, so I had to set it all up, including defining a strategy as well as performance indicators.

To do this, I performed audits and defined processes to be able to suggest actions that help us manage our image on the web better. Basically, I have to make sure that Voyage Privé’s image in every country is a true reflection of who we are.

There are many processes, project management, online advice processing, customer advisor training, exchanges with all the departments, technical development etc. One of the big topics was setting up a monitoring and alert system to be able to quickly detect and respond to customers and as always be able to follow up these elements with KPIs.

The work is very cross-functional, as I support various departments within the company, including HR, customer service, quality control and our call centres. The ideas to operate openly and transparently and for information to circulate better. In short, for everything to be interconnected.

What motivated your last role change?

As soon as I joined VP, I started talking about e-reputation. It was what management wanted, but they didn’t know how to approach it. So, my manager supported me in bringing the subject to the notice of management, he allowed me the time to do this, when I already had a job overseeing Social Media. I was then able to come up with my strategy and budget proposals. I was listened to and trusted. I ended up taking care of e-reputation and the rest is history!

‘At Voyage Privé we are given the opportunity to go further’

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5 or 10 years?

I think creating every aspect of your own job from beginning to end is great. You start everything from scratch, you can really manage it as you like, imagine everything, it’s incredible. I already have a trainee so there’s a real desire to continue and develop this idea at Voyage Privé. So, in the future, in 5 to10 years’ time, why not create a new post? I realised that at Voyage Privé we are given the opportunity to go further, I know that it’s possible, so why not move forward with new ideas to create a new strategy?

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