At Voyage Privé, we want to recruit the right people for the right job. Our employees are experts at this and have a clear grasp of what they have to do. They guarantee the success of our Group.

Discover some jobs at Voyage Privé.


Recognised specialists in their geographical area, our Purchasing Managers challenge their buying team daily, maintaining a strong operational dimension. They are in charge of defining and rolling out strategy in their area and daily management of their team.


Passionate about travel and experts in tourism, our Buyers unearth the best products and negotiate the best rates for our members. Key players in their destinations, they are responsible for the purchasing strategy for their destination. They have a strong commercial temperament, are great negotiators, smart and enjoy a challenge.


Our buyer assistants work hand-in-hand with buyers to ensure sales success: they are in charge of the technical creation of offers, guarantee the reliability of data and coordinate the purchasing cycle directly with suppliers.


Our Country Managers are true specialist e-commerce entrepreneurs and are responsible for their market: they define and roll out the business and marketing strategy with a dedicated bilingual team. They identify development opportunities and work with all the experts in the group to offer their members the best deals.


Area Managers are experts in the market they work in. They know consumer habits inside out and follow marketing trends. They support and advise buyers in carrying out the business strategy defined for the destinations concerned. They guarantee that the products they represent are properly showcased.


SEA, SEO, affiliate and social media specialists, our acquisition experts’ mission is to generate the maximum amount of traffic to our internet and mobile platforms. They act with a long-term ROI-focused mindset and have great analytical skills.


Relationship marketing and e-mailing specialists, our CRM experts spoil our members and create a privileged and personalised relationships with them. They are rigorous, precise and also have an intuitive feeling for customer service, plus great analytical skills.


Our creatives are our artists, their job is to wow our members through images and to imagine the design of our platforms of tomorrow.


Our product managers are ergonomics experts who participate in the development of the user experience on all our connected platforms. They intervene from identifying the need, through to producing the final product and how it evolves over time.


Our content editors are the mouthpiece of Voyage Privé, they stage each product using words and photos to invite our members to travel.


Our advisers inform and help our members 24/7 – before, during and after their trip. They are customer relationship experts who work daily to offer all our members a unique experience and a high-quality service that is second to none. They are responsive, attentive and enthusiastic communicators who are endowed with great mental agility.


These are our builders, they develop the Group’s tools. Passionate about technology, they love to juggle all the different languages they master to perfection; they adapt quickly to changes in the environment and have great attention to detail.


These are our technical conductors, they encourage a team of develops to deliver new projects and develop new tools in record time.
They love to manage complex projects and have excellent functional vision.


Our testers design and write the tests to ensure all our projects are successful. They love to challenge our developers, are ultra-rigorous and organised and have a highly developed functional vision.

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For us, two criteria are crucial for career development within the Group: commitment and merit.
Our international presence opens up great opportunities for promotion abroad for those with talent who wish to rise to the top.