At the heart of our Campus, the company restaurant is an essential place of life, a place for exchange and sharing. In its kitchens, the ambition is to offer local and seasonal cuisine, supported by the company ETIK.

The ETIK adventure…

This is the project of two entrepreneurs, Jules and Paco, for a committed collective catering service whose objective is to make sustainable development and business continuity coincide. Commitment is the key word of the project:

ETIK in purchasing, by favouring short-distance, organic and sustainable supplies;
ETIK in interactions, by allowing everyone to express themselves professionally within the company with horizontal management;
ETIK in everyday life, by including concrete actions for social inclusion in the processes.

A company restaurant with a positive impact

“At ETIK, we believe that it is up to companies to change consumers’ consciousness in order to move forward together towards a more sustainable world”: the initial observation is simple. By opening a start-up that feeds hundreds of people on a daily basis, sourcing organic, local and seasonal products, Jules and Paco can have a concrete and measurable impact, much stronger than their personal commitment to their own food.

On the plate

Every day, different recipes are offered: a chef’s dish (animal proteins), a vegetarian dish, a wrap/sandwich for those in a hurry, a salad bar with many options (seasonal vegetables, legumes, proteins, etc.), several homemade desserts…

This choice allows each player on the VPG Campus (Voyage Privé, Provence Rugby and École des XV) to find his or her ideal menu corresponding to his or her diet, desires and intolerances.

The employer covers part of the cost of the meal for employees, allowing attractive prices for varied, balanced, organic and seasonal menus.

And after lunchtime?

In keeping with its “ETIK” logic, employees can take advantage of the “Too good to go” concept: the day’s uneaten dishes are offered at a lower price to minimise waste and to offer balanced, cooked evening menus to the kings and queens of the microwave. There is also a self-service connected fridge for those little nibbles during the day.

Very promising figures

10 000 : number of meals served in 3 months on the Campus
5 : number of permanent jobs created by the company
2000 : number of KG of organic and local fruit and vegetables consumed per month on average

Etik has proven itself in the kitchen in just a few months, but Jules, Paco and their teams are constantly looking for ways to improve through regular communication with stakeholders, satisfaction questionnaires and daily feedback from customers!

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