They did their final-year internship at Voyage Privé and learned a lot. At the end of this experience, in search of new horizons, they chose to start their professional career in France or abroad. Yet, a few months or years later, they are back at Voyage Privé with a burning desire to continue this exciting adventure with us.

Meet Margot, Product Manager

When did you intern with us and what did you do?

I joined Voyage Privé in April 2017 for my 6-month final-year internship. I trained at ITEEM (European Technological institute for Entrepreneurship and Management) a department of Central Lille, doing a double degree with SKEMA Business School.  I chose to specialise in e-commerce and e-business.

I was Product Manager, applications and other channels, that is to say I was in charge of everything related to digital innovation at Voyage Privé: iOS and Android apps, but also the chatbot and setting up web push, for example.

I chose this internship as the job really appealed to me. The interviews went very well and I had a good feeling about the company. Given the assignments they offered me, I knew that I could learn a lot.

What memories do you have of your internship?

Very good memories! I quickly had a lot of autonomy and confidence in what I was producing. My managers gave me every product under the sun, supporting me throughout. My skills quickly grew. Everything was easy.

I managed major projects such as setting up a map to display Voyage Privé offers on the iPhone, as well as setting up the App Store Optimization strategy for iOS and Android applications, and developing a chatbot for our users. I’m quite proud of that!

Everything was done with the teams in a really cool atmosphere, with no one judging you.

What did you do afterwards?

For personal reasons, I went back to Lille and took a job as Product Manager at Jules, covering for someone on maternity leave for 8 months. I joined my boyfriend while he finished his studies then we went on a road trip round Asia for 3 months, before deciding to settle down in Aix-en-Provence.

I loved the internship and the experience. The only thing I wanted to do was to come back.

What made you come back to us?

When I left Voyage Privé, I thought that if I could come back, I would. I really left for personal reasons and I’m very attached to VP, its values, and the people who work there. It’s really cool to be able to work with people who are invested and skilled. I loved the internship and the experience. The only thing I wanted to do was to come back. The projects are incredible, you have to see them through from start to finish, you work with every department, they trust you.

Beyond that, the atmosphere is amazing! Your colleagues are more than just colleagues. We all get along really well.

What is your current role with us?

Today, I am Product Manager on the post-purchase experience.

The idea is that once the customer has booked his trip with us, I have to make sure that his experience before departure, while he’s there and after the trip, is a good one. My job is to anticipate customer needs, analyse their feedback and gain an understanding of it, so they feel supported and they trust us. The ultimate goal is really that the entire post-purchase journey (before, during and after the trip) goes really well so our customers book with us again. So, I work alongside customer service to find solutions that meet their needs.

We do all this via the website by setting up communications on the site or via email. In this way our customers are supported on all Voyage Privé platforms.

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5 or 10 years?

I don’t have a defined plan, but Product Management is a job I really like. It’s very complete, you work with Business Development and the Supply teams, you anticipate the needs of the customer. It’s a job that allows you to evolve and lets you discover many of the services in the company.

I’d like to continue in this area and work my way up in this business. In two years’ time, I think I’ll still be in my job in order to become a real expert, and why not become a manager in the future? We’ll see in 5 or 10 years!

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