They came to Voyage Privé for a job. They didn’t think they would move up the ladder so quickly!

Internal mobility is a subject close to our hearts! Whatever the type of mobility, we care about finding the best job for every employee, regardless of how long they’ve been in the company! For example, it takes on average, less than three years to progress within our company.

Above all, we favour the rapid progression of each person’s skills, to allow our employees to learn something new every day, to take up new challenges and set new goals, in order to advance their professional career. 

In 2017, 29 employees benefited from internal mobility with us in Aix-en-Provence. But anyone can also choose to work in one of our three offices in Barcelona, Milan or London!

Meet Laure, Offline Communications Manager

When did you join us and for which job?

I joined in April 2015 as a SEA Officer. I finished my Masters 2 in Marketing in Paris-Dauphine after a final-year internship at Pernod Ricard in Strategic Marketing in Chile. I wanted to live in the South for personal reasons. I saw the offer at Voyage Privé and applied. The company appealed to me because of its activity sector and the digital job was also really interesting.

Which jobs have you had with us?

I was first in charge of SEA for 3 years. Our role is to recruit new members on the Voyage Privé website through search engines with paid search. I managed Spain and the UK and I gradually picked up new markets. In addition to the technical skills to carry out this job, you also have to understand each market’s specific needs and know the consumption habits of each target in order to improve performance. I was able to really become technically expert and develop my sense of discipline. You have to be forthright in this type of job. We have large budgets to achieve our ambitious performance goals. Finally, we are a bit like an internal agency serving countries, we must be accountable for what has or has not worked.

I then moved to Offline Communications Manager in January 2018.

What is your job today?

I take care of offline B2C advertising campaigns. To date we have TV campaigns in France, England, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

We work on the basis of DRTV (Direct Reponse TeleVision), that is, advertising that requires the immediate interaction of the viewer. We encourage people to go on our site. This has nothing to do with branding, we’re looking for performance, so we look at the traffic and recruitment part of new members as soon as an advertising spot appears on TV. For this I use a tool that allows me to detect incremental traffic and the volume of new members generated whenever we broadcast an advertising spot.

I analyse these TV performances to determine the best days, the best schedules and the best programmes etc to invest our budgets in the most cost-effect way possible.

In parallel, I think about which offline channels we can be present on to develop our strategy. As a Pure Player, we also have the challenge of becoming an offline expert.

Did your last promotion come from you or Management?

It was a bit of both. After 2 years in SEA, I wanted to change jobs and develop new skills. My manager told me about the Offline job. After thinking about it, I went for it as it seemed to be really interesting. It was still within my marketing skills but at the same time we developed the Offline part, there was a lot to do!

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5 or 10 years?

I have no definite career plan and I like to go with the flow. I like to tell myself that not everything is set in stone. I do not limit myself to what I’ve done in the past, I like discovering new professions, new skills. So, I will stay open to new opportunities at Voyage Privé !

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