They came for their final-year internship and ended up with a permanent contract!

At Voyage Privé, there’s no need to wait 3 or 5 years to discover the potential of the people who join us. We support our trainees who are curious and eager to learn, by offering them tasks that are professional and have a high level of responsibility. Our managers train them on projects, integrating them 100% into Voyage Privé business development, enabling them to shine and become familiar with the unique culture of Voyage Privé. So much so, they never want to leave!

Several applicants join us every year, all ready to test themselves and take up new challenges. We adapt assignments according to their skills and their willingness to invest in the company. 34 trainees joined us in 2017 and we plan to welcome around 40 in 2018.

Meet Morgane, Product Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I wanted to be an air hostess when I was young! I soon dropped that idea when I was told I wasn’t old enough. That said, my dream job as a child wasn’t so far from what I do today: providing our customers with a wonderful experience!

Seriously though, after high school, I took an intensive year-long class in Marseille to prepare for entry to the ISC Paris Business School, which I subsequently joined.   I was able to do the second part of my second year as an Erasmus student for six months in Berlin, then I had a gap year. It was vital for me to work with travel companies, that is why I spent the first six months of my gap year as a Relationship e-Marketing Assistant with AccorHotels, then the remaining six months as Assistant World Web Project Manager at Club Med.

In September 2017, I decided to specialise in Marketing Digital and e-Business as part of my Masters 2. And I chose to rejoin Voyage Privé as Product Manager in the User eXperience team for my final-year internship.

Why Voyage Privé?

In fact, everything seemed to point towards Voyage Privé! Mostly, because I’m passionate about travel, but also because I had already had the opportunity to discover the job of Product Manager at Club Med; I wanted to further develop my knowledge and skills in this field.

Then by choosing Voyage Privé, I was guaranteed to work with all the major tourism stakeholders whether hospitality, hotels or tour operators, but also with the other services that make up the group: customer service, legal department and the various BUs. In short, I got to deal with all the different services in the travel business.

Finally, Aix-en-Provence was the perfect destination to be closer to my home region!

What job do you do here?

I’m Product Manager in Customer eXperience. My job is to improve the customer experience after booking, whether on our website or mobile app. Defining upstream the way to talk to the customer, when to do so and why. In practical terms, I must anticipate the customer’s needs in parallel with Customer Service, to predict and reduce contact rate.

The idea is really to offer an innovative digital experience that facilitates and enhances the experience the customer has when booking with us. We must analyse any problems the customer may encounter during the process and do our utmost to try to anticipate/reduce them so he or she has a great experience without any holdups.

What do you love most about your work?

I love finding problems and solving them! Such as, for example, seeing that there were X number of calls to the call centre because of a site feature customers didn’t understand… and trying to understand what was wrong and solving this problem for the future.

This could be something easy like changing a link or colour on the site or the mobile app. Or it could be more complex like redesigning all the emails our customers receive as a result of their booking.

My work involves me having to move to our Lisbon call centre or to our offices in London, Milan and Barcelona. I just love it!

‘They trust you; you are expected to come up with solutions. That is extremely empowering and it makes you want to stay!’

Why did you say ‘yes’ to us?

For me, Voyage Privé is a company that gives junior employees the opportunity to have a very broad scope, that is owned by them. They trust you; you are expected to come up with solutions, which is extremely empowering. It makes you want to stay! I know that in Paris I would never have had so many broad and varied assignments.

Do you have any noteworthy projects to share with us?

I was fortunate enough to have two important projects in six months!

Just two weeks after my arrival, I was asked to launch the offline mode for the mobile app. This lets customers view the mobile app without an internet connection and have access to all their travel documents. No need to find a WIFI terminal in the depths of the jungle! A superb innovation for customer experience!

The other important project I’m working on, which is an integral part of customer experience, is redesigning post-purchase emails. These are the emails our customers received after ordering. Previously, the speech wasn’t good and the graphics were a little outdated. There were many UX issues behind these emails. After an audit phase lasting two months, we realised that we had to cut the number of sent emails in order to keep only the most important. We had to review all the wording and learn how to communicate the right information at the right time, all this by ‘pimping’ the emails to be in line with Voyage Privé graphics.

I’m still working on this project; there’s still a great deal to do and it should last until the end of the year.

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