They came for their final-year internship and ended up with a permanent contract!

At Voyage Privé, there’s no need to wait 3 or 5 years to discover the potential of the people who join us. We support our trainees who are curious and eager to learn, by offering them tasks that are professional and have a high level of responsibility. Our managers train them on projects, integrating them 100% into Voyage Privé business development, enabling them to shine and become familiar with the unique culture of Voyage Privé. So much so, they never want to leave!

Several applicants join us every year, all ready to test themselves and take up new challenges. We adapt assignments according to their skills and their willingness to invest in the company. 34 trainees joined us in 2017 and we plan to welcome around 40 in 2018.

Meet Lucie, Lawyer

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m 24 and interned at Voyage Privé in September 2017.

I began my studies with a bilingual French/English law degree, then a two-year Masters in International Private Law in Rouen. For the second year of my Masters, I interned in a law firm in Rouen. I learnt a lot from that experience but I wanted to discover a new working  environment.

Why Voyage Privé?

It was quite by chance that I joined Voyage Privé and came to Aix-en-Provence!

I had returned from Brazil and wanted to keep the travelling bug alive. I saw the offer on LinkedIn, I inquired about the job and it matched what I wanted, because Voyage Privé is an international company, established in 8 countries. I immediately got the impression of a dynamic, friendly company. I truly think that it’s a good experience to begin your professional career in a concern like this with 5 Business Units, each with its own challenges.

What job do you do here?

I am a sort of compliance monitor at Voyage Privé. My role is to follow legal developments, make recommendations internally to follow new regulatory constraints and to assess the risks, so that business can continue to function optimally.

What do you love about your work?

I love the range of subject-matter and the interaction you can have with the different services, I also love the international side and discovering the different regulations and challenges in the countries where we are established. My job is very challenging. I was quickly given responsibilities. It inevitably makes you want to go above and beyond, because they believe in you from the start.

My manager has been a great support! She knows how to listen and showed her trust in me by making my job full-time and permanent, when it was initially only intended for trainees.

You realise that #TerredOpportunités, is not just a slogan at Voyage Privé, it’s a reality!

Why did you say ‘yes’ to us?

I joined with high expectations and many questions and very quickly became convinced by Voyage Privé. I really love what I do here, I’m advancing and learning a lot. I’m passionate about the tourism sector I’ve discovered. I soon settled in on arrival even though I didn’t know the region or the company. It’s a friendly, fun company that allows you to meet people very quickly. When you leave school and start your first job, you’re definitely a little anxious. You must prove yourself. In fact, you meet a lot of people very quickly at in-house events, because the company is young and dynamic. Everyone is up for a game of petanque or a drink after work.

Do you have any noteworthy projects to share with us?

Yes! Just to get back to the Package Travel Directive, it’s a European Regulation that aims to protect travellers before, during and after their trip. We need to be able to provide more information to travellers before they leave, offer prompt assistance during their trip and be responsive to complaints after their trip.

I was Project Manager for the implementation of this Directive across the whole of the Voyage Privé Group. I had to list all updates to be made (product sheets, booking process, GSC and pre-departure formalities for travellers) and coordinate the work of the teams to put this in place. I had a guiding role for all services to help them become compliant.

The project lasted almost 9 months and will soon be finished. It allowed me to discover many areas of expertise, but also to be at the heart of our business at Voyage Privé, which is offering the best travel experience to our members.

It was a very formative experience!

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