They came to Voyage Privé for a job. They didn’t think they would move up the ladder so quickly!

Internal mobility is a subject close to our hearts! Whatever the type of mobility, we care about finding the best job for every employee, regardless of how long they’ve been in the company! For example, it takes on average, less than three years to progress within our company.

Above all, we favour rapid progression of each person’s skills, to allow our employees to learn something new, to take up new challenges and set new goals, in order to advance their professional career. 

In 2017, 29 employees benefited from internal mobility with us in Aix-en-Provence. But anyone can also choose to work in one of our three offices in Barcelona, Milan or London!

Meet Tina, Business Developer at VP

When did you join us and for which job?

I joined Voyage Privé in July 2017 as a Purchasing Assistant. I’d just completed my final year at the KEDGE Business School, Marseille and was returning from a university exchange programme in Montreal, Canada.

Voyage Privé was a company that really appealed to me, but it was also a personal choice to be able to stay in the South, where I’m originally from. It was a combination of both things that led me to apply. When I went for the interviews at Voyage Privé, it was love at first sight! I loved the business mindset and the Vision projects. Voyage Privé, is not just a company that does business, it also has a real human side. I found myself completely at one with this vision and these projects.

When I went for the interviews at Voyage Privé, it was love at first sight!

There’s Les Tremplins which helps start-ups to grow. This project really spoke to me because I’d started my small business as a sole trader 5 years earlier. And there was also École des XV, which helps children with learning difficulties by assisting them with their homework.  During my studies, I gave maths lessons, I was a qualified youth worker, had worked with children and my start-up involved babysitting. So, I had a real interest in supporting children. Last, but not least, there’s Provence Rugby. I played rugby when I was a student!

I was hooked! I had my job interviews in Aix-en-Provence and the same day I left with a job offer in hand!

Which jobs have you had with us?

3 jobs in 1 year !

Starting as a Purchasing Assistant proved to be a real strength, without it there would have been a skills gap in my ability to move up the ladder at Voyage Privé. This job let me learn the basics, to understand the software and how the company worked. It is thanks to this job we become better at understanding the projects in their entirety. We know where we have to go and how to work with all departments. We speak the same language. For me it’s an essential step in learning and if we want to grow.

Then I quickly became Area Manager in the French, Belgian and Dutch markets. With this job I could be in touch with all Voyage Privé Group buyers. I really did have an international dimension. We discover all the problems of the markets and we have a vision that is much more strategic and commercial than operational. It allowed me to think more about the product mix: which offers to release and when, depending on the destinations and the season. I learned to take the customer and the market more into account.

I’ve been Business Developer on the ‘options’ product line, for the whole of Voyage Privé Group since June 2018.

What is your job today?

Today is quite different from what I used to do at Voyage Privé. I’m a real expert in the options we market in our offers, both for what we do today and what we envisage for tomorrow. I have to consider the option, from negotiation to proposing it to the customer and I am the link between the various stakeholders.

In order to do this, I take care of all the commercial, technical, marketing, customer needs and design parts, and it’s different every time. This involves points of technical development or design or even process points, so I also have a brainstorming, benchmarking, process writing and training part to play.

I also have a strong, purely development mission where I seek out new partners or new experiences for our customers. Everything is yet to be done! So, I work with all VP departments – Tech, UX, customer service and the accounts department. The role cuts across all sections and I love that! My job is different every day. Each new option is a new project. And there are so many possible options!

This job is exactly what I wanted at Voyage Privé, both in terms of experience and career aspirations!

What motivated your last role change?

Management approached me to offer me the job. They thought of me because my job as Remote Area Manager had quite a strong construction element. These markets haven’t been around for long, there was a lot to do to continue developing them. They saw that I was proactive in suggesting changes outside my main assignments. They needed someone like me to develop the options. Someone who sees further and who always offers more.

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5 or 10 years?

It’s great to be able to move up the ladder quickly but today there are so many challenges in my new job that I want to take the time to make the most of it. Business Developer is a Voyage Privé Vision with so many possibilities, there’s no risk of me being bored any time soon!  My next step forward, looking ahead into the future, would be to envisage a more developed service, creating a hub and bringing in new people to be a more complete team. Everything is still being built, so the more we progress, the more people we’ll need!

Otherwise, in parallel, I will continue to get involved in Vision projects. At the same time, I’m in the Tremplin group and also in school support with the École des XV. At the moment I go there about twice a month during my lunch breaks to help out with the children.

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