They came to Voyage Privé for a job. They didn’t think they would move up the ladder so quickly!

Internal mobility is a subject close to our hearts! Whatever the type of mobility, we care about finding the best job for every employee, regardless of how long they’ve been in the company! For example, it takes, on average, less than three years to progress within our company. Above all, we favour the rapid progression of each person’s skills, to allow our employees to learn something new every day, to take up new challenges and set new goals, in order to advance their professional career. 

In 2017, 29 employees benefited from internal mobility with us in Aix-en-Provence. But anyone can also choose to work in one of our three offices in Barcelona, Milan or London!

Meet Rémi, Benchmark Coordinator

When did you join us and for which job?

I joined VP for my final-year internship. I graduated with a Masters in Economics with a specialisation in Tourism. It was therefore a very good opportunity to join Voyage Privé, a very dynamic, fast-growing company and a major play in the field of e-tourism.

I spent 6 months as Purchasing Assistant, I had hotel-oriented experience before and I was able to discover the digital world and the world of retail.

Which jobs have you had with us?

After my internship, I was hired for the job I had held for 6 months, Purchasing Assistant, so I didn’t hesitate! This experience taught me a lot: discipline, organisation and deep knowledge about the specifics of flash selling.

In parallel, I was given many side missions that allowed me to build up my knowledge in various areas.

In April 2017, I became Benchmark Coordinator.

What is your job today?

I work on price benchmarking, which involves comparing our tariffs with those of our competitors, which allows us to stay true to our customer promise: to offer the best value on the market.

Every week, Voyage Privé Group publishes between 200 and 300 offers.

My role is to ensure that all these products are properly benchmarked before they go online on the website. I am therefore in charge of setting up and improving tools to compare our prices with those of other actors, managing the outsourced teams that help me with benchmarking, and training buyers and assistants to make the best use of these resources during their negotiations.

Thanks to my previous job, I had a good knowledge of how purchasing worked and in particular the issues and needs of buyers for the benchmarking part. This was very useful for me for understanding this new job.

What motivated your last role change?

My managers came to me to offer me the job. It was a very good opportunity for me to develop new skills.

I found it very interesting to be able to take on this job, benchmarking is a very strategic point at Voyage Privé because it’s one of the pillars of our business model: offering the most amazing destinations at the best price. In addition, it was about creating a job where every was still to be done. So, it was a great challenge with many exciting projects in store!

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5 or 10 years?

There are still lots of things on the benchmarking side that are important to me. But after that, why not an upward move in-house? One of the values shared by all the teams at Voyage Privé is adaptability, what’s more, most of my colleagues have held several positions within the organisation. So today I’m doing a job I like, but tomorrow perhaps I’ll be on a very different mission, but just as exciting.

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