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Our vision

Our vision

Our ambition is to nurture and develop a new way of conducting business, which couples economic success with social initiatives. We want to make Voyage Privé a responsible company that stands united with its community. Our employees’ dedication and enthusiasm helps us make this goal a reality.

"Pays d’Aix" Rugby Club (PARC)

Voyage Privé Group is the parent company of Pays d’Aix Rugby Club (PARC), the biggest rugby club in the Bouches du Rhône region that is classified amongst the 35 main rugby clubs in France.

There are many similarities between high-level rugby and Voyage Privé. This can be seen especially when looking at our company values that are upheld by our employees on a daily basis: solidarity, high expectations and adaptability. Our goal with this project is to play a more important role locally by working with this rugby club. The association is made up of over 700 young degree holders and volunteers who work on a dual agenda of social inclusion and management. We are also very proud to be a part of this up-and-coming team’s rise in the local rugby scene. This allows us to further communicate on the values of sportsmanship and rugby in Provence.

Denis Philipon,
President and Founder of Voyage Privé Groupe and president of the PARC


"Ecole des XV" Association

The "École des XV" association is a project created by Voyage Privé. 

The project’s goal is to allow approximately 15 children each year from working-class neighborhoods in Aix-en-Provence to follow an after-school tutoring program in an innovative environment.

Premises have been created at the PARC rugby stadium to welcome the students. The group meets 3 times weekly at the end of their school day. The children benefit from an initiation to rugby , as well as an hour of help with their schoolwork. The day finishes with a team dinner. Sessions take place at the Maurice David Stadium in Aix-en-Provence.The first session of the “Ecole des XV” took place in September 2014.The ideal conditions put together for this program will allow its participants to acquire the fundamental skills needed to succeed in school.


Voyage Privé Green

Voyage Privé Group also participates in creating projects that help protect the environment, made a reality today by actions put in to place by our employees: clean-up activities in the northern neighborhoods of Marseille, collection of used clothing donations…


“Les Tremplins de l'Innovation E-tourisme”:

We have created the first start-up company accelerator in the e-tourism industry here in a region with a strong digital drive : “Les Tremplins de l'Innovation E-tourisme”:
Since 2013, Voyage Privé has organized an annual drive to recruit candidate companies for this unique program. The entrepreneurs selected receive professional support using all of Voyage Prive’s know-how. The candidates participate in the annual “Summer Camp” in Aix-en-Provence and work within the company on a daily basis in order to help their start-up accelerate growth.

The most interesting aspect of this venture is the people we meet and their ideas. This is why our Summer Camp project is a perfect match with our company’s DNA. We want to assist those who have talent and all of our teams support the project by devoting however much time and energy is needed. Four young companies have already taken full advantage of our intensive coaching:  Crop The Block, Voyage Adékua, DWYT and BandSquare. One of the companies is already working very closely with Voyage Privé.

David Bastian,
Co-founder of Voyage Privé Groupe

Digital Campus Project

As of 2017, all of our business activity and social projects will be located on an eco-friendly campus in Aix-en-Provence. 

The Campus will house :

  • •  The group’s main offices with all necessary services, the Voyage Privé France as well as the Thalasseo and l’Officiel des Vacances teams
  • •  An internal university in partnership with regional schools
  • •  A center for technological, IT and social media development
  • •  Supporting structures for the PARC and its training center
  • •  The “Ecole des XV” association
  • •  Voyage Privé Green
  • •  The start-up accelerator: Tremplins de l’Innovation E-Tourisme

This is a space for sharing and heightened performance. The goal is to create employment, train, stimulate and incorporate as well as strengthen the bonds that link us. Our hope is that it inspires and pushes for a new relationship between the company, its actors and the surrounding environment.

Christophe Serna,
Co-founder of Voyage Privé Groupe

This initiative has been nominated by the Aix-Marseille region to represent one of the main pillars of its candidacy for the “French Tech” project launched by the French government in 2013.