At Voyage Privé, our employees work in an international environment where 23 nationalities are represented. We are present in 9 markets in Europe and manage all our business from our head office, the Campus in Aix-en-Provence.

Some of our employees have chosen to leave their country of origin to join our teams and live a great experience under the mild sun of Provence.

Many professional opportunities are available for those who also wish to take the plunge and join us!

 Travelling is our common passion – let’s hear why they have chosen to settle down in south of France and share their tips if you want to move!

Meet Oliviero, Sales Performance Manager who join us in 2021!



Tell us who you are and where you got the idea to come to Aix-en-Provence? 

I am a 25 years old italian from Piacenza, a small town in Emilia Romagna. I am a curious person that loves working in the travel industry. After a bachelor degree in Milan and 2 years working in the sales team of an international hotel chain, I signed up for a one year Master degree in digital marketing in the south of France. Once the Master was over I was ready to get back in the travel industry and Voyage Privé was hiring in its Aix-en-Provence campus. I used to work with Voyage Privé as a supplier, I always had a great working relationship with VP buyers and liked the business model.

I drove all the way from Milan just to have the interview for the job. Walking in the new campus, that they just finished building, was really amazing and made me want to join VP even more. Not everyone can say that they work in a super modern open space with private gym, Padel, petanque fields and a view from my desk on the training ground of the company-owned rugby team and the nice green hillsof Provence. It’s really something that makes a difference.


How was your onboarding at Voyage Privé?

I will start from my first impression on the day of the interview. I saw some people, that I would then learn are working in the content team, discussing about some matter and quickly switching the conversation from french to spanish and then italian. I was really amazed and it is a good example of the international vibe in the campus of Aix.

The onboarding was really fun and interesting. It is also intense, as it always is when you get in a new company and need to learn all the processes and way of working. It lasts 2 weeks and the last day, with a full day of sum-up presentations from the head of each department, you really understand the company and are ready to start working.

The relation with colleagues has always been good for me. In my job I need to interact with many people inside the company and I was always able to successfully collaborate and implement strategies. After 6 months, I can say this is one of the success points of this company.

My only regret would be that at first, as new in the city you spend too much time with Voyage Privé. The company organizes many events and get-togethers and you have the feeling you are meeting only people from VP. But this is normal when you move in a new city and don’t really speak the language. After a few months you start of course meeting new people also outside work.


What do you like about this international company in Aix ? What do you like most about French culture? 

What I love about the travel industry is that people working in this sector are welcoming and open-minded. Voyage Privé as a company is exactly that. A melting pot of people from around the world that work together, having fun, with the goal of making people travel and have amazing holidays.

If I am living here is also because I love french culture and living in the south and the sun. In Aix I already have my favorite boulangerie, favorite patisserie and even favorite stall to buy fruits and vegetables from on the Saturday market. I am all set!

Lastly, 2 big plus that we shouldn’t forget, in 30 minutes by car or bus you can get to the city center of Marseille, an amazing city that has a lot to offer, and in 40 minutes you can get to the sea and the beautiful beaches and calanques of the region.


What advices could you give to someone who want to take the plunge ?

An advice I could give is coming to Aix for a face to face interview. Seeing the campus, meeting the team, visiting the city and the area is the best way to really understand if this is the right place for you. I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure the vibe on our campus and the beauty of Provence will convince you to join our team!

If you have any specific doubts or questions, I am sure you could directly contact our amazing HR team on our Linkedin page and they will be able to help you with anything.

You don’t speak French? If for the position you are applying for it is not requested, then it’s really not requested. Here everyone speaks English. In my job I speak only English and Italian. Of course, if you come here you might want to learn French at some point and the company offers free French courses. I am myself improving my French and everyday trying to use it more also in day-to-day work discussion!

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