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Team-building events

Each month, life at Voyage Privé is set to the rhythm of team meetings and get-togethers which are a times set aside for us to share ideas and fun moments together.


Company Breaks 

These monthly meetings allow us to summarize recent figures and celebrate the arrival of new employees and interns. 


Just like many Carnaval celebrations around the world, Voyage Privé has its own vibrant version of this fun day. Everyone on our team tries to come up with the most creative and surprising costumes and enjoys this special day together.


Each year just before summer begins, every team from within our group gets together and leaves the office behind to go off to a destination either in France or abroad for 2 full days filled with group activities and one evening party. Come have a look at our 2014 convention when we celebrated our company’s 10 year anniversary.


Events all throughout the year

Any excuse is a good one to have a party ! We celebrate Mardi Gras with a traditional “Galette des Rois” party, not to mention a crêpe party for the French “Chandeleur”, the French National Music Festival Day (“Fête de la Musique”) Beaujolais Nouveau wine arrival, an annual Christmas party…

Numerous advantages

Our employees have access to exclusive prices and offers all year long.
Our French head offices also have a very active “Comité d’Entreprise”.


Do you enjoy traveling ? 

  • Take advantage of exclusive prices for employees, their friends and their families on our various websites.  
  • Our tour operator and airline partners also offer us special travel agent prices on flights and holiday packages.

Are you an athlete ?

  • Take part in the fitness and dance classes (Pilates, Zumba) on offer once a week in our offices. These classes are funded by our Comité d’Entreprise.
  • Work out at the state-of-the-art fitness facility at Provence Rugby stadium. Access is open to our employees 2 days per week.
  • Our Comité d’Entreprise also offers great prices on memberships to local gyms and fitness centers.
  • Come cheer on the PARC rugby team and use the free seats in the VIP box or in the stands for our employees.

Interested in exploring your surroundings ?

  • Enjoy all of the special discounts negotiated by the Comité d’Entreprise for various cultural venues (museums, theaters, concerts) as well as with some of your favorite brands.
  • Our cafeteria can be used after hours for your theater group rehearsals, band rehearsals, etc.

Voyage Privé’s got talent!

Our team members have a vast array of interests and talents that we can all enjoy!



To set our events to music, Nicolas and his band, “Mister Wilson” offer us live pop-rock music and entertain us at various events throughout the year.



As lovers of far-away lands and in possession of their cameras at all times, Marie, Maléka, Véronique and Maële can capture the true essence of some of the most beautiful scenery. From India to the United States by way of Botswana and Brazil, let these beautiful images sweep you away on a magical adventure.

Marie : Thailand, Bolivia, Cambodia, Brazil
Maléka : India, Malta, Sri Lanka, Turkey
Véronique : Corsica, United States, Indonesia, Canada
Maële : Tunisia, United States, Botswana, India