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Occupation guide

Sales positions


As lovers of travel and experts in tourism, all of our buyers search far and wide for the best offers and negotiate excellent prices for our members.
As experts on their destinations, they have a strong temperament for sales, are excellent at negotiating and are very clever. They all enjoy a good challenge. 

Purchasing director

As renowned specialists of specific travel zones, our purchasing directors challenge their buying teams on a daily basis, all while actively participating in the buying process.

Webmarketing positions

Client marketing specialists

  • Acquisition : as specialists in SEM, SEO, affiliation and social media, our acquisition experts have been hired with a mission to generate a maximum amount of traffic towards our mobile and internet platforms. They plan their actions using ROI logic and are highly talented in analysis.
  • CRM: as specialists in relationship marketing and e-mailing, our CRM experts take special care of our members and create a privileged, personalized relationship with them. They are detail-oriented, precise, have a strong sense of customer service and are excellent analysts.

User Experience Specialists

Our product specialists have excellent knowledge in website ergonomics. They participate in our user experience developments on all connected platforms. They participate in the process starting with the moment a need is expressed until the final product is delivered, all while tracking the project’s evolution. 


These team members are true artists, and their mission is to make our members dream thanks to the images on our site. They create the designs that will define our platforms of tomorrow. 

These experts work in an international environment where English is used on a daily basis. 


Our editors take pen to paper each day and put our offers in the limelight along with descriptions and photos, giving our members a taste of what we have to offer.

Customer service

Our representatives assist and inform our customers 7 days a week, starting with the initial phases of their trip right up until departure. Our customer service team is also available when our clients return, just in case. Our teams are devoted to ensuring excellent levels of service. 

Technology positions


These are our builders – they develop the tools that our group uses.
As lovers of technology, they enjoy juggling with different programming languages that they understand perfectly. They can adapt to a fast changing environment and keep up with evolutions, all while remaining detail oriented. 

Tech Leads

Tech leads are our technical band leaders. They manage a team of developers in order to deliver new projects and evolutions on their tools in record time.
They enjoy managing complex projects and have a vast functional knowledge. 


Our testers create and write the tests performed on our tools to ensure that our projects are a huge success.
They love challenging our developers, are extremely detail-oriented and organized and have a well-developed functional vision of our tools. 

Technical Operations team

This team manages the technical foundations of our group so that each member has access to the website and each employee can work in the best possible conditions.
They are detail-oriented and always offer service with a smile. They keep our tools running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Project Managers

Our project managers work with the various profession groups in our company and help make their technical and organizational needs a reality by interfacing with the tech teams.
These team members posses excellent listening and diplomacy skills and can transform any project in to easy-to-understand terms. 

Support roles

In order to make sure that our company can better face tomorrow’s challenges, there are many team members working behind the scenes to ensure that we meet our goals. This includes Head of Administration and Finance, Financial Controller, Accounts Payable Assistants, Human Resources Manager, Director of Recruitment and Relations with Higher Ed Institutions…


Career Paths

At Voyage Privé, 2 criteria need to be met in order to evolve within the group: devotion and merit.
Our policy of strong international development, with one new country opened each year on average, also gives to those who qualify many extra opportunities for international mobility. 

I decided to join this very dynamic company in the middle of a sector of business that is in constant movement. I haven’t regretted it since! Over the last 3 years, I’ve had 3 different positions: from international development, to launching a new business unit and finally director of marketing for our French website. I’ve had so many opportunities to develop my skills, to work with experts and to share in the successes and defeats in a very positive atmosphere!


5 years, 5 positions, 3 departments. That is an accurate summary of Voyage Privé’s spirit, which has allowed me to evolve quickly and move towards my current position as a buyer for our French website. At Voyage Privé, you can create your own opportunities and reach for new opportunities. The path I’ve been down has far succeeded my first ambitions and has enabled me to learn new skills, all while earning very precious experience. Personally speaking, I think that the only way to progress and be truly happy with what one does it to believe in what you have and love what you do (as Steve Jobs would say!).


I can best characterize my experience by describing it as a strong human experience that has lasted 7 years. When I started as an intern, there were only about 15 or 20 people here. It was a real start-up that was growing before our very eyes. When Officiel des Vacances and Voyage Privé Spain were launched, they were the first to real successes that stayed with me. And the company has become more structured, without losing sight of efficiency. This energy is what has been keeping me going here at Voyage Privé Brazil for the last 2 years.


At Voyage Privé, high goals and objectives don’t scare us. On the contrary, they motivate us! For our tech team, this means that we are in constant search of innovation. It’s motivating and stimulating…all in a laid-back atmosphere which can actually be really fun at times. We get to enjoy it all in beautiful Provence, which only adds to this experience’s value.