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Voyage Privé Group

About Voyage Privé

Launched as an entrepreneurial adventure in France in 2004 by Denis Philipon along with David Bastian, Christophe Serna, Sébastien Tricaud and Alexandre Fontaine, Voyage Privé Groupe is now the #1 Independent E-tourism group in Europe. Held by its employees, the group has a strong company culture based both on collective and individual performances.

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We focus our energy on a very unique business activity that we are experts in: travel. This is a decisive element in our success and goes hand-in-hand with the passion that drives our teams and the power of teamwork.

Sébastien Tricaud
Co-founder of Voyage Privé  Groupe


  • Aix-en-provence
  • Barcelona
  • London
  • Milano
  • France
  • Spain
  • United-Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Swizerland
  • Germany

Our strategy is based on development which is both organic and profitable. Our ambition is to further extend the footprint we are making in Europe.

Alexandre Fontaine
Co-founder of Voyage Privé Groupe